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    Affordable property appraisals on the Gold Coast

    Corbetts Valuers provides a range of expert valuation and property appraisal services on the Gold Coast and in northern New South Wales. With many years of experience, we offer reliable and professional advices for a reasonable fee, and are committed to delivering accurate value assessments.

    We provide valuations for:

    Sale and purchase assessments:   If you're buying or selling a property, we can provide an accurate valuation for your purposes, including detailed reports showing relevant sales and market trends. This will help you to make an informed decision about the property. We are also available for post-valuation advices to ensure the best outcomes.

    Mortgage purposes:   Valuations are usually undertaken upon request from a range of lending institutions.

    Litigation:   Corbetts Valuers can provide forensic and retrospective valuations for court purposes.

    Stamp Duty:   We provide expert property valuations for transfer purposes, reflecting current market conditions for trustees, estates, family and superannuation fund purposes.

    Probate:   Valuations can be undertaken on behalf of deceased estates to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of assets.

    Capital Gains Taxation:   At Corbetts Valuers, we can prepare professional valuations for owner-occupied properties transitioning back to rental. We can also do the same for backdated valuations and can complete rural property assessments upon sale, if in excess of the base area.

    Family Law Court of Australia:   Expert witness valuations can be prepared for both parties or for individual parties to ensure equitable assessment of assets.

    Asset and Superannuation purposes:   We can prepare expert valuations for reporting purposes, as well as sale/purchase involving superannuation funds.

    Resumption:   Valuation of land to be resumed, undertaken on behalf of landholders.

    Retrospective:   Valuations are regularly undertaken for this purpose for litigation and Capital Gains purposes.

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